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0002604298, 0002607398, 0002607798

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Gear Level Actuator

Trucks are vehicles with powerful engines designed to carry heavy loads. However, they need the correct gear ratio to carry loads. Therefore, gear Level Actuator are used in trucks. The gear Level Actuator is a structure that is connected to the truck's transmission. The gear Level Actuator separates the gearbox and transmission from the truck's engine. The truck driver changes gears using the levers on the gear tower. The shift tower helps the truck accelerate to higher speeds or have more power for jobs that require higher torque.

What are the Features of the Gear Level Actuator?

The gear Level Actuator is usually made of steel or aluminium. These materials are durable and lightweight, which reduces the weight of the truck. The gear Level Actuator is designed to increase the driving comfort of the truck. The position and shape of the levers allow the rider to stay in a comfortable position when shifting.

The use of gear Level Actuator in trucks gives the driver more control. If the correct gear ratio is selected, the truck will consume less fuel. However, the shift Level Actuator helps the truck last longer. The shift Level Actuator causes less fatigue and less damage to the truck.